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9kw.eu captcha service

by thecoder2012 on Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:21 pm

Welcome in my official 9kw.eu captcha (support-)thread

Solving captchas by hand is annoying and time-consuming, simply use our service to collect credits and have your own captchas solved comfortably.
See our website www.9kw.eu

  1. Nearly every standard captcha in less than 30 seconds (average)
    Litte longer for interactive captchas like recaptcha v2
  2. Fast sign up just with an e-mail address
  3. Only real humans as worker with full history for 60 days
  4. Good support from our own developers and supporters.
  5. Few free examples with iMacros and our captcha service
  6. Gift codes for testing to all new customers and developers.
  7. Free and paid way possible for all functions from us.
    No time? No money? Use our rewards like make a nice video or better examples with imacros and our captcha service.
  8. API for all software and sandbox mode for your tests and own users as mini captcha system

Languages: German, English

Tutorial for iMacros, recaptcha v2 guide and videos wtih examples

Any Problem with 9kw.eu (with imacros)? Custom iMacros?
Then contact me in this thread with your reply, contact form or contact details (email, skype).
Join 9kw.eu Captcha Service now and let your iMacros continue downloads and scripts while you sleep. - Custom iMacros? Contact me!
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