What's happened to iMacros for Chrome?

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What's happened to iMacros for Chrome?

by The iMacros Guru on Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:13 am

The latest version of iMacros for Chrome (v10) is no longer free if you want all the functionality. Greedy money grab, or smart business move? Here's my take...

Video Thumbnail.jpg

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The iMacros Guru
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Re: What's happened to iMacros for Chrome?

by chivracq on Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:42 am

The iMacros Guru wrote:The latest version of iMacros for Chrome (v10) is no longer free if you want all the functionality. Greedy money grab, or smart business move? Here's my take...

Video Thumbnail.jpg


Hum..., @OP, your Pseudo sounds a little bit presumptuous/pretentious to me, ah-ah...! (Pfff..., you are all the same, "I know a little bit about iMacros", => I'm a Guru!, ah-ah-ah...!)
Oh..., and for a "Guru", you registered already 1 year ago, we've missed YOU all that time to help answering Threads on the Forum...! :roll:
=> Is the best way to "prove" you are a bit of a "Guru"..., maybe an Idea from now on...!? :idea:

But OK, your Video is nice and the Content is quite nicely interesting... :D
(I checked it before approving your Post/Thread ah-ah...!, hum, because your IP-Address is VERY-VERY dirty as a VERY-notorious Forum Spammer (possibly through some Russian Proxy), I normally VERY-rarely approve Posts from such so dirty IP-Addresses, you got "lucky" TechSup did "stg" on your Account (change your Login), then yep..., the Content is Legit...)

Thus yep, Video Content quite interesting..., well done...! :D
I noticed a few mini-mistakes in your Video btw..., but don't worry, the Content was "more than OK", ah-ah...! Very interesting, Compliments...! 8)
I agree with you btw, I don't like this "Commercial" Move for iMacros for CR, and FF probably very soon to follow, I'm afraid...
=> Absolutely all Links to all previous Versions of iMacros have been deleted from the Wiki ('Version History' Pages), which renders iMacros for CR a little bit useless in my Opinion (and I think I will probably stop to "support" it myself on this Forum), this should luckily be a little bit more difficult concerning iMacros for FF as all previous Versions should remain available from the Mozilla Add-ons Archive...

And iMacros for FF is "Open Source" anyway, ah-ah...!, (hum, iMacros for CR as well btw..., is mentioned somewhere in the Wiki...!), so I guess it will probably take me less than 10min to "unlimit" it... I've already thought of the 3 ways the Programmer could choose to limit iMacros for FF, so I already did a little bit of "Thinking" on how to counter that..., but hum, it doesn't really matter which way the Programmer chooses, I already have a Workaround I think, ah-ah..!
Funny thing is that I don't really care for myself, I (still) use v8.8.2 actually for my own "Prod-Env", I do "maintain" a v8.9.7 for Forum Cases, and I never bothered to install v9.0.3 which was already too buggy and limited from the beginning as it was never properly tested... v10.0 for CR was released directly to the CR Add-ons Store, so I guess the same will happen with v10.0 for FF...


You sounded very eager on your YT Video about "Subscribe to my YT Channel", so I guess that was probably a bit your "Goal" for posting on our Forum, especially as you only have 1 Video on your Channel (at this moment), ah-ah...!

=> Same Rules apply to this kind of Posts/Threads as for the Captcha Providers...:

=>Try to reuse the same Thread for your next Videos, a bit depending on how often you intend to post a new Video and as well on how many Comments they might get (on our Forum of course!).
=> If one Video generates "a lot" of Comments in its own Thread, you are then allowed to start a new Thread (but only once a month...!, and don't worry..., Calendar Month of about every 30 days, like you prefer...)...
But if you intend to post a new Video about once a month (sounds "reasonable" to me, if you do it more often, you will quickly run out of Ideas, ah-ah...!), you can then add a new Post to your Thread with direct Link and Thumbnail like you perfectly did in your first Post..., and you can as well edit your Thread Title with for example "New Video 2018-02: iMacros for FF v10.0...!" to adapt the Thread Title to the new Video...

But OK, keep up "the good work" with your Video(s), ah-ah...! :wink:
- (F)CIM = (Full) Config Info Missing: iMacros + Browser + OS with all 3 Versions...
- I usually don't even read the Question if that (required) Info is not mentioned...
- Script & URL usually help a lot for a more "educated" Help...
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