[Solved] Drop down menus text / number value variation

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[Solved] Drop down menus text / number value variation

Post by dead0eye » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:10 am

Hey everybody, hopefully someone can help out with this problem...

I have a list of sites with different drop down menus with different VALUES (some using text and some using numbers as their identifiers).

I was thinking of preparing a few sets of possible * combinations to auto select these drop down menus instead of manually inserting the value to get the right selection.

For example "CONTENT=%*ealt*" for Health & Fitness or CONTENT=%*ritin* for Writing.

However this only works with drop down menu options with text values

Code: Select all

<option value="Health & Fitness">Health & Fitness</option>
Options with number values such as below, will not work with the * method.

Code: Select all

<option value="68">Health & Fitness</option>
I'm actually trying to find a way to simplify the process of selecting a value for a large number of multiple drop down menus using minimal amount of information (possible from a csv file), etc.

Is there a way to counter the number value issue, or I just have to input the number for all the drop down menus I'm trying to select.

Any help is greatly appreciated!




Code: Select all

CONTENT=$*ealt* did the trick
Hannes, Tech Support

Re: [Solved] Drop down menus text / number value variation

Post by Hannes, Tech Support » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:27 pm

Thanks for sharing your solution. More on the "wildcard" character, cf. http://wiki.imacros.net/Form_Filling#Wildcards
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