Include JS Functions Library in JS File

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Re: Include JS Functions Library in JS File

Post by stevenp » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:44 am

instead of

Code: Select all

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

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const XMLHttpRequest = Components.Constructor(";1");
request = XMLHttpRequest();
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Re: My synchronous version without jQuery

Post by GERAsimov » Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:41 pm

After 3 days of searching, I found the solution thanks for stevenp and heinob.

source on stackoverflow:

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function myRequire( url ) {
	const XMLHttpRequest = Components.Constructor(";1");
	var ajax = XMLHttpRequest(); 'GET', url, false ); // <-- the 'false' makes it synchronous
    ajax.onreadystatechange = function () {
    	var script = ajax.response || ajax.responseText;
    	if (ajax.readyState === 4) {
    		switch( ajax.status) {
    			case 200:
    			eval.apply( window, [script] );
    			console.log("script loaded: ", url);
    			console.log("ERROR: script not loaded: ", url);
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Re: Include JS Functions Library in JS File

Post by viking » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:50 pm

I would like to use the moment.js library ( ... moment-js/) in an iMacros javascript. Is that possible?

iMacros v8.9.7
Firefox v52.8.1
WIN7 x64
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Re: Include JS Functions Library in JS File

Post by access2vivek » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:23 am

I was stuck at this very point for a very long time. It took me months to finally find a working solution. Here it is:-

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//	Define a XMLHttpRequest object

const XMLHttpRequest = Components.Constructor(";1");
var getLibrary= XMLHttpRequest();

//	Create a Get Request for the script/Library'GET',"URL OF THE SCRIPT",false);

//	Send the request

//	Add the response code to the current window
Now, you should be able to use your functions easily from an online source. If however, you want to use a file in your system, simple add the "file:///" tag before it. For example: -

Code: Select all'GET',"file:///home/access2vivek/Documents/Programming/iMacros/customLibrary.js",false);
Edit: - It seems, there is already a solution for the same.
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