Is iMacros on Firefox detectable?

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Is iMacros on Firefox detectable?

Post by sightunseen » Sat May 25, 2013 4:46 am

Can a page I am running iMacros on determine that I'm running it? I assume iMacros injects some javascript or something into the page. Could the javascript native to the page be able to determine that iMacros has injected javascript? I found a bunch of forum posts about detecting iMacros but they all seem to be pretty vague. Is there a thorough breakdown of this issue somewhere? I thought I'd find a lot of people who found some sort of detection.

One thing I notice is when I'm at the javascript console (CTRL+SHIFT+K) if I check some basic heights and widths when the iMacros panel is open they will change:
window.innerWidth, document.documentElement.clientWidth, document.body.clientWidth, document.body.clientHeight

Code: Select all

window.alert( 'innerWidth ' + window.innerWidth + '\ninnerHeight ' + window.innerHeight + '\ndocument.documentElement.clientWidth ' + document.documentElement.clientWidth + '\ndocument.documentElement.clientHeight ' + document.documentElement.clientHeight + '\ndocument.body.clientWidth ' + document.body.clientWidth + '\ndocument.body.clientHeight ' + document.body.clientHeight + '\nscreen.availWidth ' + screen.availWidth + '\nscreen.availHeight ' + screen.availHeight + '\nscreen.Height ' + screen.Height + '\nscreen.Width ' + screen.width);
Which is to be expected I guess. But is there any way for a site to ascertain from the different widths when the iMacros panel is open to determine it's open?

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Re: Is iMacros on Firefox detectable?

Post by skippyto » Tue May 28, 2013 1:24 pm

Hi !

If you want know someone in using iMacros on your website, I not sure that is possible.

But if you want to insert a special code for your macro (for example to not count them in your stats), one solution is to modify your user agent.
( ... .navigator)

Hope this help !

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Re: Is iMacros on Firefox detectable?

Post by chivracq » Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:37 am

My 2 cents, I wouldn't worry that much about "clientWidth", because iMacros uses the left panel just like Browser-History and 200 other (Firefox) Add-ons...

Would a Web-Site want to detect automation, they (I...!) would rather go for speed of entering content on the Page... And for regular come-back on the same Page, on the average speed of filling all the Fields...
- (F)CI(M) = (Full) Config Info (Missing): iMacros + Browser + OS (+ all 3 Versions + 'Free'/'PE').
- I don't even read the Qt if that (required) Info is not mentioned...!
- Script & URL help a lot for more "educated" Help...
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