[BUG] Nested sub-folders issue

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[BUG] Nested sub-folders issue

Post by lanx » Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:39 am

chivracq wrote:
ansgar wrote:I am Admin and only have 1 user account on my machine...
But, hum, the Behaviour you mention with 20-30 nested Sub-Folders is actually a known Pb, there are a few Threads about it, but last time I think it happened to sbd was at least 1 year ago, and probably even more... It has never happened to me, and TechSupport has never been able to isolate the Conditions when this happens to try to reproduce the Pb, so it's still a bit mysterious what is causing this...! :shock:
Huh, not that difficult to reproduce :lol:

You simply have to drag a folder into itself in iMacros sidebar.

It's really rare it might happen, but just imagine you want to move a macro folder somewhere else but you realize too late you're dragging the wrong item... what will you do then?
Of course you will re-position the "ghost" dragged item over itself in the original tree position... and that's the exact moment where iMacros creates that whole bunch of useless empty sub-sub-sub...folders!! :mrgreen:
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