Version History (old, for reference only)

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Version History (old, for reference only)

Post by Tech Support » Tue Jan 16, 2007 12:53 pm

You can find the latest version history at


:!: This post is no longer updated.
:!: It is provided for reference only.

Version history:

2007-9-10 V6.0.0.3
  • Updated German translation
2007-8-14 V6.0.0.2 2007-7-31 V6.0.0.1 2007-7-6 V0.9.0.2
  • Fixed: Several smaller issues
2007-6-27 V0.9.0.1 2007-6-13 V0.8.0.3
  • Fixed: Several smaller issues
2007-5-20 V0.8.0.2 2007-5-2 V0.8.0.1
  • Added: New EXTRACT command format for web scraping
  • Added: Improved AJAX support
  • Fixed: Several smaller issues
2007-4-9 V0.6.1.1 2007-4-2 V0.6.1.0 2007-2-28 V0.6.0.6
  • Improved: Many issues are solved - highly recommended upgrade.
2007-1-18 V0.6.0.2 2007-1-15 V0.6.0.1 2006-12-07 V0.5.0.4 2006-11-28 V0.5.0.3
  • Added: Read/Import CSV files into {{!COL1}}, {{!COL2}},... variables
  • Added: CMDLINE !DATASOURCE address.csv command
  • Added: SET !DATASOURCE_COLUMNS <x> command
  • Added: SET !LOOP <x> command
  • Added: SET !DATASOURCE_LINE {{!LOOP}} command
  • Added: Automatic installation of demo macros
  • Added: Support for {{!VAR1}}, {{!VAR2}}, {{!VAR3}} variables
  • Changed: Password encryption now compatible to iMacros for IE
  • Fixed: Ability to remove iMacros toolbar icon permanently (but why would you want to do this ;) )
2006-11-18 V0.5.0.2
  • Changed: installer.rdf file
2006-11-12 V0.5.0.1
  • First release
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