Crazy idea: Create a browser

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Crazy idea: Create a browser

Post by sonic83 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:49 pm

Hello, I would like to explain my situation and ask your opinion about a crazy idea that I have.

I use many palemoon profiles with imacros. Up to 75 at a time. But my processor and my RAM cry haha. I arrive at 100%

I chose palemoon because it consumes less RAM than Firefox, and it supports imacros. I say consume half with the standard configuration. I do not know if it can be made to consume less from about: config

Okay, my crazy idea:

Since firefox is open source, could I create a mozilla-based browser that supports imacros and consumes fewer resources? I just want to browse to download cookies. Could this be possible or not? Imacros works with clauqier browser based on mozilla or do you need licenses or adaptations?

Thank you
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