★ ★ Password Encription Problem....Please Help

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★ ★ Password Encription Problem....Please Help

Post by DreamRyderXX » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:17 am


➤ I'm using the very latest, as of Dec.09,2017 iMacros v9.0.3

➤ I'm using up-to-date Windows 10 X64 ... English

➤ I'm using Waterfox v54.0.1

I'm trying to record a macro on my brand new iMACROS browser add-on that I just downloaded/installed in Waterfox today.

I want to record a macro that enters my user address & my user password for LastPass. My password is over 40 characters long, & it's quite strong, so manually entering it is a pain....& no, I don't simply want LastPass to remember & enter it for me (that removes my control) :wink:

I've succeeded doing this already using JitBit Macro Recorder, but I would prefer a macro controlled from within my Waterfox browser, like iMacros, as opposed to a standalone one outside the browser like JitBit.

I see no reason why it shouldn't work, & matter in fact, I think it will work much better than JitBit. Except for.......

Ok.....that said....my problem:

⚫ I set iMacros to record, then I press my LastPass Icon, as I usually would to logon.

⚫ The Logon popup appears as usual.....with 2 entry fields to enter my email address, & the other to enter my password.

⚫ I enter my email address.....so far so good......& iMacros is recording AFAIK

⚫ Then I go to the second box, the password entry box, on the LastPass Logon Popup.

⚫ I try to enter my lengthy password, which the first character is an upper case G ...... when I try to enter it I get a popup question from iMacros which asks if I want to encrypt the password. Simultaneously, this iMacros popup also completely closes the LastPass login entry popup.....gone are the entry fields.....which means even if I wanted to continue recording any typed text, I have no place to enter my password, so recording this macro & logging on becomes totally impossible.

All the while I believe iMacros is still recording, but I can't give it anything to record, the fields are gone....removed by the iMacros Popup asking me if I want to encrypt my password.... :(

Is there a way I can stop this nanny nag popup from popping up, closing the entry fields, & asking me if I want to encrypt my password? :x :x

⮞ ⮞ ⮞ I've already told iMacros that I did not want to encrypt passwords by checking the selection ☑ box in SETTINGS > SECURITY > Do Not Encrypt Passwords > APPLY⮜ ⮜ ⮜


How else can I tell the iMacros Nanny that I absolutely do not want to encrypt passwords, & stop that damn popup from asking when I begin to enter my password while recording my macro????

Unless I can stop this uncalled for intrusion, iMacros is totally useless to me for this particular, the one I really need, application.

Please advise....thanks.....Bobby ;)

PS........otherwise, I think iMacros is sweet as!!! :D
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