Docking iMacros Panel

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Docking iMacros Panel

Post by RayB » Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:58 pm


I am running Windows 7, Home Premium, with FF 61.0.1 (32-bit) and iMacros

When I go to FF Addins and the iMacros Options, and then click Dock iMacros panel to browser window, the iMacros panel moves to the left side of the browser window and then I resize the FF window to be on the right side of the docked iMacros panel. Often I run a second FF window and when I go to the second window and then return to the first FF window, it is there but the iMacros panel is not there. If I hover my mouse over the FF icon stack in the Taskbar, I can expose the iMacros panel and then click on it to return it to the docked position.

I really would like to have the capability to dock the iMacros panel and also 'lock' it to the FF window I am working on with iMacros. This is very similar to how iMacros and FF behaved before FF and iMacros were rewritten. I know that there are users who like to have a totally floating panel but is there some type of option/setting (in a check box) that you could provide in a future update to restore the panel and window behavior as it previously was for those of us who liked it that way?

Thank you!
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