Configuration iMacro: Settings are removed when ff is closed

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Configuration iMacro: Settings are removed when ff is closed

Post by KingTutt » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:23 pm

- Win 7-64
- FF 61.0.2-64
- imacros for Firefox (
- Free Plugin version (no file access module)

I had the problem, that all settings regarding imacros plugin (general settings, recorder settings, etc.) were not saved when firefox was closed. I finally figured out root of the cause so I decided to start a separate thread instead of using my original question here.

The settings of imacos are saved in the offline database of firefox (webappsstore.sqlite in your profile directory).
If firefox is configured to use a "user defined history" (section data & security) there is a checkbox where you can say "Remove history when firefox is closed". Next to the setting it is possible to configure in detail, which parts should be removed from history and locally stored data.

The first point is obvious: if you check the box in category data called "offline website" the settings will be removed every time firefox is closed, because this is mapped to webappsstore.sqlite database.
BUT: if you check the box "cookies" in category history the settings of imacros are removed, too which is IMHO not obvious. It would be helpful if someone can have a look into that and point out if this an intended feature or should be considered as a bug.

Maybe this is a bug in firefox (not imacros extension), because cookies should be saved in the database cookies.sqlite. I would like to understand (why the hell) removing cookies from history affects the webappsstore.sqlite database :roll:
Tom, Tech Support
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Re: Configuration iMacro: Settings are removed when ff is closed

Post by Tom, Tech Support » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:00 pm

Hi KingTutt,

Thank you for posting this report here. I will pass this information along to the development team, but I can't say how soon they may be able to investigate it. I will post an update here whenever more information becomes available to me.

Tom, iMacros Support
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