Running iMacros on the cloud

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Running iMacros on the cloud

Post by access2vivek » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:15 am

Configuration: -
iMacros for Firefox = v 8.9.7
Firefox = v 56.0
OS = Windows

Problem Statement: -
Using JavaScript for Firefox, I have created an Instagram bot. By using different profiles in Firefox, I can use the same script on different Instagram accounts that run in parallel. The advantage of the script is that it will work even when the script is in the background.

What I am looking for is a way via which I can upload the script on the cloud where it will execute on different profiles just like it does on my system. I have a system reserved specifically for running the automation. Right now, I have just 4 profiles to work with. I am trying to scale the entire project to add more profiles and remove dependency on the computer in my office. I would love your inputs on this.

Current Status: -
The possible solution that I have gotten is to use Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform and create a virtual Windows there. I can operate those systems just like I would do on a physical system in my office. However, I would like to know if iMacros provides a way for us to do this?

If there is any confusion in my question, please let me know and I will provide specific details as required.

P.S: - I know that Firefox version 56.0 seems odd to work with. However, I have been using it since a while and I never got to updating it.
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