JS iimplay return code is 1 when timeout on a website

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JS iimplay return code is 1 when timeout on a website

Post by skippyto » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:43 pm

Hello !

When playing a macro with a js file, I have the error : "Erreur# 802, Le site web n'a pas répondu (Timeout)"
But it seem this error/warning is not catch by iimGetLastError and iimplay return code is 1.

I want put it in a log file when the load time for a page is more than 60 seconds.

I haven't tried yet with "STOPWATCH", it may be a solution...
But maybe it's possible to catch Timeout errors but i don't know how.

For example, you can reproduce the issue If you add "SET !TIMEOUT 1" in the demo "Demo-Frame.iim" (to be sure having a timeout) and I modify the Demo "Self-Test.js" like this :

/* This script runs all demo macros and displays the success or failure of each run */
/* Created by: iMacros Team, March 18th, 2008 */

var i, retcode;
var report;
var macrolist = new Array();

/* Standard Demo Macros */
/* Macros that save something and/or create logs */
/* Macros that create reports */
/* Macros that extract information */

//iimDisplay("Start Self Test");

report = "Self-Test Report\n\n";

for (i = 0; i < macrolist.length; i++) {
//iimDisplay("Step "+(i+1)+" of "+macrolist.length + "\nMacro: "+macrolist);
retcode = iimPlay(macrolist);
report += macrolist;
if (retcode < 0) {
report += ": "+iimGetLastError();
} else {
report += ": OK";
/* display the FIRST extracted item in report*/
s = iimGetLastExtract(1);
if ( s != "" ) report += ", Extract: "+s;
report += "\n";
alert ("e: " + e + "\nreport : " + report + "\niimGetLastError : " +iimGetLastError()) ;
alert ( report );
//iimDisplay("Test complete");

alert ( report );
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