Google Rankings Via iMacros?

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Google Rankings Via iMacros?

Post by jfj3rd » Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:29 pm

Hello All,

I'm a fast learner but I'm stumped when trying to build a script that'll check and record ranking placement.

So far what I have the script do is load Google and another html page that has nothing but a list of keywords on a single line.

The script first changes Google results to display the top 100. It then tabs over to tab 2 and copies the first keyword line, return to tab 1 and enter in the keyword.

My problem starts here though...

iMacros isn't picking up whatever keyword is in the first line on tab 2. Instead it records a static imprint of that keyword when I copy it into Google's search box. Then it won't pay any attention to my CTRL + F for my desired domain name that I'm looking for in the SERPs.

Can anyone help me with these two issues? After that I believe I know how to get the placement for each listing and where to record that number.

Thanks heaps if anyone can give me some clues.

- JJ

Warmest Wishes,

John F. Jones III
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Re: Google Rankings Via iMacros?

Post by ABooth » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:15 pm

Why are you using an HTML page to store your test data?

Use a CSV, it's much quicker and less complex

Look at the macro Demo-Loop-Csv-2-Web.iim
iMacros for Firefox supports JavaScript Macros (Scripting)
JavaScript supports Java via LiveConnect

Therefore: You can write powerful macros with iMacros for Firefox. Have a look at this one

Post feature requests here. Maybe one day, they'll pin it?
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