Extract complete table rows

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Extract complete table rows

by Tech Support on Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:28 am

Q: How can I extract a complete table row? When I mark all row entries iMacros Extraction Wizard only creates a EXTRACT command that extracts the first element I marked.

A: Table rows start with a TR tag in standard HTML. The trick is to manually enter an extraction tag in the orange field of the extraction wizard (ATTR: Suggested Anchor). Enter <TR* and press Test EXTRACT Tag. Most of the time the extraction result (shown in the bottom text area on the right side of the extraction wizard) will not be what you wanted. If is not the row you want to extract then increase the POS parameter by 1 and hit Test EXTRACT Tag again. Repeat increasing POS parameter and hitting the Test button until the correct row is extracted, then hit Add this EXTRACT Tag.

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