Web Application Performance Monitoring & Testing w/ iMacros

Information related to the use of iMacros for uptime monitoring, performance and regression testing of websites.

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Web Application Performance Monitoring & Testing w/ iMacros

by Tech Support on Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:58 am

This post introduces the new website performance profiling feature in iMacros 7.5 and later. The features is also available in iMacros for Firefox and later and will soon be available on Chrome as well.

There are a number of tools available to help you test and monitor the performance of your Web application. The iMacros performance profiler is designed to analyze performance and scalability problems with Web applications. The advantage of using iMacros is that this approach is completely back-end agnostic. So it works as well for profiling ASP.NET based websites as testing sites built with technologies like PHP, Ruby on Rails,.... iMacros can even profile Rich Media Applications (RIA) created with Flash, Flex and Silverlight.

Website performance profiling with iMacros

Our colleagues at AlertFox website monitoring made a nice tour page on how they use iMacros for web application performance monitoring (APM).

web performance testing.png
Sample website performance log. The data is stored in XML format for easy automated processing and analysis.
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