EVAL help (Paid)

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EVAL help (Paid)

Post by maartinnad » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:13 pm


I can't write Javascript but I need to write EVAL so I have decided to hire a professional to assist me with this.

My goal:
Send people a message to users on my "friends" list. The list is accessible on a url, lets called it http://list.com/list1

The list grows everyday and I am unable to keep track on who has already received a message. I don't want spam the list by sending the same message twice. The list is sorted by "last online" so the order keeps changing making things even more callenging

My Plan:
There could be many other solutions but I thought of this;
1 - I run the script and sends message to all and saves their first name in the .csv
2 - Next time I run the script, it reads the csv. If name exists, ignore and move on. If it doesn't exist, send message and add the name to the list.

The list will only contain 100 names max so we shouldn't worry about the list getting to huge.

If you believe my method is not the best method, I am happy to explore different methods.

I am happy to pay an hourly rate so if it takes you 20 hours although you expected it to take 2, I can pay for the added 18 hours :)

Incase you need it;

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft Windows NT 6.3.9600.0
64-bit Operating System
Installed UI Culture: English (United States)
CLR version 4.0.30319.42000
Internet Explorer version 11.0.10240.16644
Enhanced Protected Mode = False, 64-bit processes for EPM = False
iMacros Browser (x86) version
Mozilla Firefox version 43.0.1 (x86 en-US)
Auxiliary Libraries:
iMacros Direct Screen (iimds)
iimir (iimir) 6, 3, 0, 1
iMacros Image Recognition (iimIRm)
iMacros Dialog Manager (imsys)
Scripting Interface Libraries:
iMacros IE Scripting Connector (iimConnector)
iMacros FX Connector (iimFirefoxConnector)
iMacros Scripting Interface (iimInterface)
iMacros FX&Cr Scripting (imtcp)
User Settings:
EncryptionPasswordMode = No
FolderLogs = C:\Users\Nabbesh\Documents\iMacros\Logs
FolderDownloads = C:\Users\Nabbesh\Documents\iMacros\Downloads
NewWindowBehavior = Tabs
PlaybackSpeed = Fast
TimeoutPage = 60
FolderDataSources = C:\Users\Nabbesh\Documents\iMacros\DataSources
FolderMacros = C:\Users\Nabbesh\Documents\iMacros\Macros
ShowFeedbackNotification = False
AFSaveCredentials = False
InstalledSamples = True
AFUser =
InterfaceType =
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Re: EVAL help (Paid)

Post by techimac » Wed May 11, 2016 10:48 pm

I can do this with Excel & iMacros.
Let me know if you are interested.
Available for custom iim, javascript iMacros scripts
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