Paying Freelancer For A Few Easy Scripts

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Paying Freelancer For A Few Easy Scripts

Post by Jordan » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:16 pm

This was taken care of, ty.
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Re: Paying Freelancer For A Few Easy Scripts

Post by chivracq » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:00 pm

Jordan wrote:This was taken care of, ty.
Hum, checking this Thread that looked "untouched" since 2 months to ask you to post some Update if you were still looking for sbd..., to discover that you found sbd, perfect, but that you've deleted the complete original Post "silently"... :shock:
The Update about "This was taken care of, ty." is perfect, but you should have posted it in some 2nd Post as an Update to the Thread instead of deleting all Content from your OP...

Would you post again for some other Project, it's always nice for Contractors to have an idea of what your previous Projects were and how they went..., if sbd from the Forum "did the Job", you are as well always encouraged to leave a little bit of Feedback, hopefully positive, that can as well always help other People looking for some Contractor...

I don't remember what your Project was about, I can just say, I had not reacted to your Thread, so I guess I was not interested (Reason is usually that I don't do Spamming + Social Network Spam), but deleting your OP won't motivate me to want to react for a next time...
But, very positive, you posted an Update, which many if not most Users don't do...! :D

OK, Lesson for me:
Secure 'Consultants' Sub-Forum Threads when they get published before the OP will delete them...! :roll:
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- Script & URL help a lot for more "educated" Help...
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