Help with a macro...

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Help with a macro...

Post by cboshdave » Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:52 pm

I need a capture macro written. I am having troubles with the capture. Problem is that I am working in a secure area with sensitive information.

The other problem is that I need to capture information that may or may not exist.

1. send Person info
2. drill into web screen
3. check for dependant links listed vertically on the screen (which may or may not exist)
4. grab information from the screen and write to a txt file.
5. move to next dependant (which may or may not exist)
6. move to next person (step 1)

I can make the code wrapper that would send in the parameters, but I need the imacro to pull the data.
Thoughts about the security issue?

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Re: Help with a macro...

Post by slamsal » Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:41 pm

Please send an email at with details. I can help you out.
I charge $45/Hr for my work. And if you are in United States and perfer to talk..I can give you my cell phone.
If you are overseas, I contact my clients through msn messenger, gmail talk and skype.
My hours are flexible so that we can work it out even with the time difference.

Thank you!
Sanjiv Lamsal
iMacros Consultant
Duluth, MN USA
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