Multiple loops and Multiple Pages in Excel

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Multiple loops and Multiple Pages in Excel

Post by TriPPiN » Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:15 am

Hi I have been pondering on how to do this for some time and would appreciate any advice given...

This is a project that I've been working with for a while and it deals with a porn dvd site so if that is against your morals then take heed to this warning. Anyways this is what I am trying to accomplish..

I have a list of pornstar names on Sheet1 of my excel file and I am trying to extract all of the movies that they have starred in from the site "".

1. I want the vbs script to read the pornstar name from cell A2 on Sheet1 and use it to search on the site.
2. Then it should extract the name of the first movie and put the pornstar name from A2 of Sheet1 to A2 of Sheet3 and the 1st movie name on B2 of Sheet3. Then same pornstar name on A3 with second movie name on B3 and so on until all movies are listed.
3. Next the script would get the next pornstar name from Sheet1 and continue listing all movies on Sheet 3 with that pornstar name to the left of it.
4. I would like this to continue until all of the pornstars from Sheet1 are listed on Sheet3 with all of their movies.
Ex. Sheet1 Cells A2 and down
Ashli Orion
Georgia Southe
Sierra Sinn
Courtney Simpson
Audrianna Angel
Tawny Roberts
Sasha Grey
Jessica May

Ex. Sheet3 Row 2 and down
Column A Column B
Ashli Orion Porn Movie 1
Ashli Orion Porn Movie 2
Ashli Orion Porn Movie 3
Ashli Orion Porn Movie 4
Georgia Southe Porn Movie 1
Georgia Southe Porn Movie 2

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
Hannes, Tech Support

Re: Multiple loops and Multiple Pages in Excel

Post by Hannes, Tech Support » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:37 am

Your task sounds perfectly possible using iMacros with some scripting. However, it's not a 5 minute task (nor a 2 hour task, I guess). So I moved it to the "iMacros Consultants" subforum.
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