Synergy and Imacros

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Synergy and Imacros

Post by Volodath » Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:56 pm

Hello All -

I've used this product for a bit now (just about a year) and it's well exceeded my expectations in it's versatility and usefulness. I haven't (yet) come to a task I couldn't find a work around for (between all the different versions/platforms) and I have been quite pleased.

In the course of my research I've discovered a couple of different programs that are incredibly useful for scripting. One I picked up from these forums is of course Notepad++.

I recently discovered a very useful app I think many here will appreciate. I wanted to use it to kick off a (hopefully) lasting thread where synergistic programs and discoveries are posted.

The name of the app is Swept Away. It automatically minimizes certain programs after a set amount of inactivity, and will do so to an imacros script during a wait statement or long loading time.

As scripts take less processing power when minimized, and there's not always a good way to keep them minimized (at least my firefox pops up from time to time) this has turned into a very useful discovery for me. As well, you can select the interval to minimize on, and white list programs to never be minimized.


Download link here ( ... 78290.html)
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Re: Synergy and Imacros

Post by MattBell7 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:21 am

if you use the full version, you can set the imacros browser to run minimized to the system tray with "-tray", or completely hidden with "-silent"
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Re: Synergy and Imacros

Post by Volodath » Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:26 pm

Matt -

I am aware of this - but there are a number of different situations where it's either impossible or more difficult to use the imacros browser when compared to the firefox plugin, and I can think of a couple places where you need the browser available but don't want it (long debugging scripts for example).

Perhaps this should get put in the firefox forum though.
Tom, Tech Support
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Re: Synergy and Imacros

Post by Tom, Tech Support » Mon May 02, 2011 9:46 am

Thanks for the tip Volodath! I added a link to your post to the Wiki documentation for the TRAY command (which is only available in the iMacros Browser).

Tom, iMacros Support
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Re: Synergy and Imacros

Post by magnetsa » Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:54 pm


It is August 2014 now. Any progress with iMacros concerning control over Firefox display from a minimized state?

What I want to do is have Firefox run in a minimized state until a certain event occurs. Then I want Firefox to appear so that I can see the iMacros status display from iimDisplay.

Currently I have my application send me an SMS message to my cell phone. By the time I receive it, I could be looking at the screen already.
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