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64 bit Windows and memory

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:26 pm
by ekbernha
We are using iOpus 8.03.2216 and have had no trouble - until we started using it under 64 bit Windows. Now as scripts run, the memory usage gradually goes from about 60 meg to over 200 meg. By this point the screen refreshes take so long the script invariably bombs. We close iOpus, and restart it and it is fine again for a while - anywhere from an hour to sometimes the rest of the day. We start our scripts at 8am and they run till 5pm daily. Under 32 bit Windows I can run for 15 hours straight without issue.

Has anybody had this experience? Maybe it is time for us to upgrade to a more recent version. We've tried moving the macro files to the C: drive and eliminating anything and everything software wise that are unnecessary from these machines (4 of them and they all are susceptible). We don't use any add-ons, just the basic iOpus browser. Thanks.