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Display Custom Popup on iMacros Error or Wait for Input

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:35 pm
by achaney
Is it possible to display a custom error message if iMacros stops at a specific point?

EX. iMacros is looking for a button to push, but it is not there. Instead of just timing out prompt the user with a custom message that I could set in the macro itself. Like PROMPT Generate<SP>Button<SP>not<SP>Present.

Or better yet if it gets to a location where it can not locate something do multiple accounts showing up it would prompt the user to select something and then continue.

EX. Macro is looking for a user. Normally when you search for a user and there are not similar usernames it will go directly into the users account. But since there are similar usernames it prompts the person to select a specific one.

Seraching for Jeff12_1

Jeff12_10 [Select]
Jeff12 _11 [Select]
Jeff12_1 [Select]

So then it would do something like
PROMPT Select<SP>User

and then once the user selects the correct username the macro would continue.

Browser: Firefox 33.0.2
IMacros: VERSION BUILD=8850919
OS: Win 7

Any help is greatly appreciated. If you need more info, please feel free to ask.