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Re: List of EnhReq's...!! [by @chivracq]

Post by chivracq » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:24 pm

OK, this is Post_1 on Page_2, I'm copying the List of EnhReq's I was maintaining in Post_1 on Page_1 here, in some simplified Format...
(I won't be maintaining Post_1 on Page_1 anymore...)


-01- Re-add Support for Pale Moon. (iMacros for FF doesn't work anymore since v8.8.3, have to stick to v8.8.2.)
EDIT: Hum v8.8.2 works for PM26, v8.8.7 works for PM27, and v8.9.7 works for PM28 + WaterFox v56, Basilisk v2019-09-x, CyberFox until v2018-12. (Last Edit [2019-10-28])

-02- Correct the few Blocking Bugs for the EVENT Mode. (+ Documentation on Wiki is very poor. EDIT: Wiki greatly improved...!)
=> ... ack#p54018
EDIT [2017-07-27]: I finally have a Workaround for Item_01 ('MOUSEMOVE' for non existing Element), hum since about 1 year actually, more Info and Workaround (with Code Example) in the following Thread:
=> Re: How can I avoid element waiting issue?

-03- Add Access to '!LOOP_MAX' (SET + GET) Built-in Var.
=> ... MAX#p55549

-04- Add '!FOLDER_DOWNLOADS' + 'FOLDER_MACROS' Built-in Vars like we have for '!FOLDER_DATASOURCE(S)' (the missing 'S' is a bit confusing btw...).
=> ... =15#p70424 (Idea is from Tom...!)
[STATUS]: Implemented in iMB v11.5 (Octb 2016). :D

-05-a- Improve/extend 'PROMPT' with extra Parameter:
=> ... mpt#p63953

-05-b- Implement an 'ONPROMPT' Command to add some Control for the Display/Layout of the 'PROMPT' Output: (Added [2019-10-28])
The only Control we currently have to display a 'PROMPT' are '<SP>' + '<BR>' (+ multiple Spaces to "simulate" a '<TAB>').
('<BR>' is broken btw in v10.0.5 for CR + v10.0.2 for FF.) :shock:
- Would be "nice" to have a '<TAB>' Tag.
- Control on the Size of the 'PROMPT' Window.
- Control on the Position of the 'PROMPT' Window, Relative/Absolute for (inside) the "main" Browser Window, but that would also accept Negative (Relative/Absolute) Coordinates to work with Multiple Screens.
- With a 'FONT' Param to choose the Font, or at least between 2 Fonts: the current one + one with Fixed Char Width, either for the whole 'PROMPT', or even better for the Formatting of the Text inside the 'PROMPT'.
- Add some Basic Formatting: <b> <i> <u> <s> + <Size> + <Color>
- Support for <Left> <Right> <Middle> Alignment.
- Support for Emoji's...? :P :wink: 8)
- Can specify a Background Colour.
- With an optional 'BUTTON' Param for <OK>/<CANCEL>/<YES>/<NO>/<CLOSE> combined with a 'WAIT' Param (Default = '<YES>' or "99999") that would work like the 'WAIT' Command to auto-click the 'PROMPT' after a certain Time if the User didn't react, for the Script to continue...
- And just one 'ONPROMPT' Command at the beginning of a Script would retain the specified Settings for the whole Script if it contains several (Conditional) 'PROMPT' Commands. (But reset everything to Default at the end of the Script, not like the 'FILTER' Command...)

-06- Implement DS Mode for FF.

-07- Implement (New in iMacros for CR v8.4.4) 'TAG SELECTOR' Mode for FF as well.
Hum..., not sure what is the "real" Use for this Mode actually...!? :?

-08- Add an 'EXTRACT' Recording Mode (based on 'TAG' Mode).
=> ... 807#p70393
=> ... 818#p74803
EDIT [2018-09-01]: + When in 'EXTRACT' Mode, (try to) automatically use 'Relative Positioning' based on the corresponding Header Cell as 'Anchor' for example if recording in a 'TABLE' or based on the corresponding 'LABEL' as 'Anchor' if recording in a 'FORM':
=> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=29735&p=79978#p79978

-09- Add 'iimDisplay()' Command to pure '.iim'.
=> ... 840#p69714
Logged as feature request IMAC-1876 by @Tom from TechSup. (2017-01)

-10- Implement some "simple" Conditional Behaviour (IF/ELSE/FOR/WHILE) to pure '.iim'.
I know it's "by Design" but maybe 50% of Threads on the Forum are about 'if/else', and many Users switch to Alternative Solutions where this Functionality is available...

-11- Implement GOTO within '.iim'.
A bit like the "old" 'Basic' 'GOTO' Command, to jump to a 'SECTION' within the same '.iim' Script.

-12- Add Multiline/Section Comment in '.iim'.

-13- Allow (Limited) Free Access to AlertFox.
Was Free when introduced (and there are still several Articles about the "Free AlertFox" in the Wiki), but it quickly became Commercial only... :shock:
EDIT: Hum, pity but AlertFox got decommissioned in Jan.2019. :cry: :roll: :cry:

-14- Implement a "Super" Built-in Var that could contain Commands like 'OPEN' / 'CLOSE' / 'REFRESH' / 'CLEAR' / etc and other (Built-in) Vars like for example in '{{!COL{{!LOOP}}}}'.

-15- Automatically reset 'FILTER' to "OFF" at the End of a Macro. [BUG]
That Command is btw broken (in v8.9.7) since FF52...! :oops:
['FILTER' is not supported anymore in v10.0.2 for FF... => Re-add Support for it...?]

-16- Add '{{!CLIPBOARD}}' Support for iMacros for CR.

-17- Automatically backup '#Current.iim' when clicking 'Record' to (temporarily) keep the previous Content of the '#Current.iim' Macro.

-18- 'Remove' Macro:
Send deleted Macro(s)/Folder(s) to the OS Recycle Bin first instead of deleting them permanently directly...!
The 'Remove' Option is very close to the 'Rename' Option in the Right Click Menu, "Rename" and "Remove" look and sound very similar, => call 'Remove' "Delete" instead, and add a Separator between 'Rename' and 'Remove'/'Delete'.
Or make that 'Remove' first sends the Macros/Folders to some special 'Trash' Folder, and Macros/Folders can then only be "really" deleted from that 'Trash' Folder...
(Several Threads on the Forum about Users clicking by mistake on 'Remove' while they wanted to rename their Macro/Folder and losing permanently their Macro(s)...)

-19- Macro Editor:
When editing a Macro, do not scroll automatically to the last Line. (Or add some easy "Scroll to Top" Button.)
We never need to open a Script at its last Line, rather at its beginning, for example if we have some "Easy Access Vars" hard-coded at the beginning or our Script that we can quickly and easily modify.
EDIT: Implemented in the Editor for v10.0.2 for FF. (July 2018)
(But that Version of the Editor is completely buggy and unusable, with no 'Ctrl^F' Functionality, and large ('.iim') Scripts need about 3 Min (5000 Lines) for Loading and Resizing before they can be edited... :roll: )

-20- (Related to '-8-') Add the 'EXTRACT' Functionality to the 'EVENT' Mode. (Added 2018-09-01)
(There is a (cumbersome) Workaround using Select + C&P but it requires the 'MODIFIERS' Parameter, which is only supported on FF (until v9.0.3).)

-21- Add Loop Info in the Summary (for each Run/Loop) in the 'Profiler' File. (Added 2018-11-14)
=> Stg like: "Loop 21 (of 100)." and "Run 1 (of 1)." if the Script is played only once with the 'Play' Button.
(This would give me btw a Workaround for EnhReq '-3-' about the '!LOOP_MAX' Var...! 8)


POSTING is completely allowed in this Thread, all Users are encouraged to review this/"my" List and to "support" 1 or several Items and of course to post New EnhReq's that I will then include in the List... :wink:
Last edited by chivracq on Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:51 pm, edited 2 times in total.
- (F)CI(M) = (Full) Config Info (Missing): iMacros + Browser + OS (+ all 3 Versions + 'Free'/'PE').
- I don't even read the Qt if that (required) Info is not mentioned...!
- Script & URL help a lot for more "educated" Help...
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Re: List of EnhReq's...!! [by @chivracq]

Post by thecoder2012 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:58 pm

My comment for useful commands in my eyes without too much code. Few other things are possible with a lot of work (e.g. iimDisplay) without iMacros xpi modification. The problem is legacy versions are dying in the future in my eyes.

Better proxy support is done (with foxyproxy). See this thread.
chivracq wrote:
Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:24 pm
-01- Re-add Support for Pale Moon. (iMacros for FF doesn't work anymore since v8.8.3, have to stick to v8.8.2.)
EDIT: Hum v8.8.2 for PM26 and v8.8.7 for PM27.
I have no problem with v8.9.7 in Pale Moon 28.6.0 (64-Bit). But Pale Moon has problems with newer websites (e.g. twitter).
Basilisk works better in my tests with newer websites.
chivracq wrote:
Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:24 pm
-05- Improve/extend 'PROMPT' with extra Parameter:
=> ... mpt#p63953
I think it's possible with URL GOTO and Javascript in FF. Or in pure Javascript.
chivracq wrote:
Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:24 pm
-06- Implement DS Mode for FF.
With Javascript (or with URL GOTO and XPI addon with protocol handler) is this thinkable but without record function.
I have already 1-2 examples in Javascript (e.g. solvemedia captcha with flash) with Flash and it works. But Flash is dying.
chivracq wrote:
Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:24 pm
-07- Implement (New in iMacros for CR v8.4.4) 'TAG SELECTOR' Mode for FF as well.
Is this command useful?
chivracq wrote:
Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:24 pm
-13- Allow (Limited) Free Access to AlertFox.
Was Free when introduced (and there are still several Articles about the "Free AlertFox" in the Wiki), but it quickly became Commercial only... :shock:
AlertFox is down and ipswitch are no longer trusted in my eyes. Same with Google and see this article Discontinued products and services. Free or Money was not the question for me. See End of the Road for AlertFox
Join Captcha Service now and let your iMacros continue downloads and scripts while you sleep. - Custom iMacros? Contact me! :idea:
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