Calling iMacros From Excel

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Calling iMacros From Excel

Post by deluxe247 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:42 pm

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a web address in cell A1. I have a copy of the scripting version of the iMacros browser. I'm trying to open the iMacros browser from Excel and then have the iMacros browser navigate to the web address in cell A1 of my Excel spreadsheet.

I was able to do this with my old laptop. When I tried this with my new laptop, the iMacros browser opens but doesn't navigate to the webaddress in cell A1.


Here's the code I've been using:

Sub Test()

Dim iim1, iret, row, totalrows

Set iim1 = CreateObject("imacros")
iret = iim1.iimInit("", False)
iret = iim1.iimDisplay("Submitting Data from Excel")

'Go To A1
row = 1
'Set the variable
iret = iim1.iimSet("-var_letterofalphabet", Cells(1, 1).Value)
'Set the display
iret = iim1.iimDisplay("Row# " + CStr(row))
'Run the macro
iret = iim1.iimPlay("#Current6")
Cells(row, 7).Value = Replace(iim1.iimGetLastExtract(), "[EXTRACT]", "")

End Sub
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