Folders Deleted Accidentally - Help Needed

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Folders Deleted Accidentally - Help Needed

by tranthe on Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:57 am

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Source:, an e-commerce solutions company located in San Fran. Data represents how frequently the business name (or even the company together with word footwear, when the brand has multiple meanings) seems like a search phrase in primary Google in November 2006. what skateboard should i get
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Re: Folders Deleted Accidentally - Help Needed

by chivracq on Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:43 am

tranthe wrote:Hello,

I am using
Code: Select all
iMacros 7 on a PC running Windows Vista

I accidentally deleted a folder containing 30 of my most used Macros which adds up to weeks of hard work!

Here's what I did: From the sidebar I right-clicked to rename the folder and accidentally hit 'Remove'. Now my macros are nowhere to be found in my sidebar or in my source folders (\user\documents\imacros\macros) either!

Where are these macros now? I searched my hard drive and couldn't find anything but old shortcuts, and there is nothing in the recycle bin and nothing in iMacros.

Please help!

FCIM...! :mrgreen: (Read my Sig...)
It is unclear from your FCI which Browser you use (and which Version if it's not iMB), all 4 Browsers (iMB / IE / FF / CR) have or actually had an "iMacros 7 Version" which for all 4 Browsers will be quite an old Version to be honest...

But OK, there is Hope, ah-ah...!!
But first of all, leave your PC as quiet as possible for the moment, strict minimum Browsing to find this Forum (and it might even be better if you could use another PC), no Downloading, no Torrents, no Software Installing, no Data Streaming, etc...! :!: :idea: :!:

I had a look using iMacros for FF (v8.8.2 + Pale Moon v26.3.3 (=FF47) on Win10-x64), but I reckon the Procedure will be more or less the same for all Browsers / iMacros Versions and maybe more important the OS => Vista for you, and Win10-x64 for me.

If you click on 'Remove' in the iMacros Side-Panel for a specific Macro or a Folder, you then get for both some Popup asking you if you are sure you want to delete the Macro or the Folder. Reading the Popup (and clicking on 'Cancel') would have saved you quite some Trouble at this point, ah-ah...!! :roll: But OK, too late now...
Deleted Macros or a complete Folder (and all its Macros inside) indeed do not land in the Windows Recycle Bin. They really get deleted...!
(Same with 'FILEDELETE' as well, I reckon it comes from some JavaScript Limitation...)

From Windows itself and I guess it was already implemented in Vista, you have 2 things you can try already, but the 3rd Option is probably the best:
1- If you have Windows Backup enabled, it is possible to restore a previous Backup from some previous Restore Point. But hum, it's a bit cumbersome, look first at Options 2- and 3-, I would advise...

2- From Windows File Explorer, Right Click on '\user\documents\imacros\macros\' (+ maybe 1 extra Folder Layer) => 'Properties' => 'Previous Versions'.
=> See if your Macros (= '.iim' Files get listed there), you then have an Option to recover them.
If you only see a few and some are missing, then rather go directly to Option 3-.
In the Test I did, I didn't see any Files listed with this Procedure... But I simply created a Folder, added 2 Macros to it, and deleted it directly... I didn't really use or edit those Macros...

3- Use some File Recovery Tool...!
You have a good Article on 'Lifewire' for example about the Procedure and which Tool(s) is/are best to use.
=> I downloaded 'Recuva Portable v1.53' and in less than 5 min, I had recovered the deleted Macros...!
Rather choose the Portable Version, make sure to download it to a different Partition than your 'C:\' Partition on your PC or to a USB Stick, or from another PC.
Then unzip it and run 'Recuva.exe' or 'Recuva64.exe' from that Location (I used the x64 Version as I have Win10-x64, select the corresponding Version for your Vista OS, I would say...!).
I used the Wizard + "All Files" + "Specific Location" on '\user\documents\imacros\', there your Macros should reappear ah-ah...!, (only Files (=Macros) get listed/recovered, not Folders), and recover them to some Temp Folder you create again in the same Location where you run 'Recuva' from.
Before recreating your original deleted Folder and copying all Macros back to it, I would advise you first temporarily change the 'Macros Folder' in the iMacros Settings to the Temp Recovery Folder where you first check the Macros are OK to open/edit/run...

Well, good luck...! :wink:

And good Practice is from time to time to make some Back-up of your complete iMacros Folder, with all your Macros + DataSources + Downloads, ah-ah...!! :idea:
- (F)CIM = (Full) Config Info Missing: iMacros + Browser + OS with all 3 Versions...
- I usually don't even read the Question if that (required) Info is not mentioned...
- Script & URL usually help a lot for a more "educated" Help...
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