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iMacros to auto input price by quary data from excel

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:05 pm
by Hijotech
Google Chrome:61.0.3163.100
Os: Windows 7 x64
iMacros: 8.4.4
I will like iMacros to bid a price of product online automatically by quary data from excel base on the shoe size such as the following: For Example

I have created list of shoes product and their cost base on sizes excel:

Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes size
1. 206 --------- $35
2. 207 --------- $40
3. 507 --------- $48
4. 701 -------- $56
5. 800 -------- $80
6. 805 --------- $95

Now if iMacros click on the Shoe size, I want iMacros to automatically quary the excel data to locate the exact bid price of the shoe i specified in the excel file and input it into the price box on the web.
If the iMacros select the Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes size that are not on the excel file iMacros should skip to the next line of code which is:
Wait Seconds:840
Please help