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About:Blank - Windows 10 - V7.51.1734

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:25 pm
by Scott_Kent
Hi I'm running a sample VBScript located in your online help and I can't seem to get the iMacros Browser to get past the About:Blank page that is rendered. Here is the code I am running:

Code: Select all

Dim imacros, iret, mycode, myURL 

myURL = ""  

mycode = "URL GOTO=" + myURL + vbNewLine 
mycode = mycode + "TAG POS=1 TYPE=FONT ATTR=TXT:<SP><SP>Online<SP>Store" 

Set imacros = CreateObject("imacros") 
iret = imacros.iimOpen() 
msgbox iret
iret = imacros.iimPlayCode(mycode)
msgbox iret
Returns a -1 and then a -4

Any help would be greatly appreciated.