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Re: Iterating through a URL with iMacros Not Working

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:19 am
by chivracq
suki wrote:Hello again,
Ok so I downloaded Pale Moon and tried to add the Firefox iMacros Add-On but how? It either tells me it's installed after I restart, but I cannot find it anywhere, or it asks me to download an xpi file which I do not know how to open/install. Please advise. Thanks!
Yeah well, think a bit...! :roll: , "I downloaded Pale Moon" is a bit vague if you don't mention any Version, same with "or it asks me to download an xpi file" and installing any (previous) Versions is completely explained on the iMacros for FF Version History Wiki Page... :idea:
(Not specific to iMacros btw, same Procedure for all FF Add-ons..., and same on PM as well...)

I mentioned which (PM) Version I use myself, which is a bit old indeed, I don't know what is the "latest"/current Version, v27.stg, I guess..., iMacros v8.8.7 for FF should work with it, you need to try which Version(s) work, and some other User mentioned recently they even managed to get v8.9.7 to work on some late PM... (using some extra Add-on to disable Version/Compatibility Check...)