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Re: sometimes the script works other time i get RuntimeError

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:41 pm
by chivracq
master68 wrote:sorry still stuck with this code everytime i fix something i get something else this is why i didn't reply first i didn't fix it and second i found myself so annoying so i thought keep searching the forum and helping myself (as you asked me before you said i have to learn and work hard) and when i found myself ready to be thew one you asked I will post another reply... as i said earlier i am not a programmer so it is hard to work with me because i can barely understand your recommendations all what i am doing now is learning thx for the follow up you are very kind
All right, Thanks for the "Update" then... :D
Yeah well, I'm always very "motivated" to help Users who are willing to learn and "progress", so you can post/share how you progress and I can help you overcome the new Difficulties you might be encountering..., I probably also went through exactly the same "Situations" when I started using iMacros (hum, about 10 years ago now, oops...!). :wink:

But to get back to your original Pb, there is honestly nothing "wrong" with repeating the same Block of Code 15x times for the 15 possible Frame Numbers, yep, it won't be the most "elegant" Solution, but if it works, then who cares...!? I still have some older Scripts of mine where I used that Method as well, and they still work, I improved/shortened a few, sometimes several years later if I had to modify/improve stg else also in the same Scripts, but for many, I didn't touch them anymore and they still work...

And in your Case, dynamically identifying the Frame_Nb would involve an 'EXTRACT=HTM' on the 'BODY' I mentioned, which can be a little bit slow, at least on FF I know (dunno why), so the 15x times Repeat might actually work quicker anyway...

Hum, you were using v10.0.5 for CR, you didn't mention 'Free'/'PE', but if using the 'Free' Version, you will then probably hit the 50 Lines of Code 'Freeware' Limitation if you repeat 15x times a 2 or 3 Line Block, hum...! OK, maybe you don't need 15 times, if you can lower that Number to maybe 5, then try again after a Refresh, hopefully the Frame_Nb will then "fall" within the Range of Nb's that your Script will try to use...