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help with captcha

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 3:19 am
by goyuzumo
i need to autoamte a task, which i completed 99%. the last past is captcha solving and pressing the submit button.
so the page in question has the following system:
i submit 4 different things in a short amount of item then i get captcha to show up every single time from then.
I have been thinking that i could make a javascript script that would execute "filltheform.iim" then "captchasolver.iim" and after that "submit.iim". now for the hard part.
what if the captcha solver submited the wrong result? i do get a text showing up on top of the website saying "wrong cfaptcha bla bla". but how to scan for it and how to loop back for it to only re-enter the captcha?
hope it is clear enough, if needed i can provide the page that needs the captcha solving.