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iMacros - new Version - Microsoft Edge base - chrome

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:46 am
by i_use_imacros

will there be a version of iMacros based on Chromium Edge in the foreseeable future?

On the website of iMacros I only found the following page about Edge, but it is empty.
Does it look the same on your site or is there more information on the topic on your site?

Browser Addon Announcements ยป Microsoft Edge Web Browser - How to create Edge extensions? ... xtensions/

From the company "Progress Software GmbH" ( should be the new owner of iMacros ? ) I could not get any information by telephone.
The only information I got was that the lady at the hotline did not know anything.

I hope so much that there will be an emulation in the iMacros browser, in the Enterprise version, which directly accesses an installed Chrome version with all installed add-ons.

It is no fun to work directly in Chrome outside of the iMacros browser. There are far too many drawbacks.

Ideally, you could simply enter the path to an installed Chrome version with all add-ons as a base in the iMacros Browser.

And exactly this would be emulated.

best regards