iMacros Sidebar for IE11 execute Error???

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iMacros Sidebar for IE11 execute Error???

Post by glorykh » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:55 am

Hi , Body ,

I encountered some tough problems when I execute iMacros Sidebar for IE11.

Have anybody ever had the same situation?

please help.

CrashReport log:
2020-09-10 01:58:26Z
iMacros Sidebar version 12.6.505.4525, IE version 11.900.18362.0, OS version Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.18363.0

Exception at Int64 get_HWND()
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
at SHDocVw.WebBrowserClass.get_HWND()
at #=zTFiHQJJIi4jNRrEPkfk00Vr6P5R_.#=zBblw6V05gx2dR70BVA==(WebBrowserClass #=zZnnTeRrcowZd, WebBrowserClass #=zWCSNEItUTZ3h)
at #=zTFiHQJJIi4jNRrEPkfk00Vr6P5R_.#=zQmyh4Pmpwpud(WebBrowserClass #=z0OG7GZA=)
at #=zTFiHQJJIi4jNRrEPkfk00Vr6P5R_..ctor(#=zphBaP43m9S5wB1v95RoKWOZGIXewZLLaaL1LTjY= #=zB7Ae2KAhqkqzFN8KHQ==)
at #=zphBaP43m9S5wB1v95RoKWOZGIXewZLLaaL1LTjY=.#=zrfuGKBPDIPFd()
at #=zphBaP43m9S5wB1v95RoKWOZGIXewZLLaaL1LTjY=..ctor()
at #=zlN9LJ7UyAaEQryrx7Iyoyvll4F7_.Main(String[] args)


thx all :) :) :)
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