Trouble getting iMacros to work with our website

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Trouble getting iMacros to work with our website

Post by 300bhpton » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:45 am

I recently downloaded the 30 trial software with the hope of purchasing. However I'm having quite a few difficulties getting iMacros to work with our website.

I'm a tester and want to create some scripts to aid in regression testing of our website. The website extensively uses Flash. As I'm a tester I'm not overly accomplished at scripting/coding which I believe I may need to get iMacros performing the actions needed.

After reading the marketing information on the main site I thought iMacros would be able to easily interact with a flash based website using the DirectScreen technology. However after doing a little research I suspect that it won't, I've read about WINCLICK and images however I don't fully understand how they differ from DirectScreen or how to use them.

I'm trying to automate some fairly simple actions on our website, is anyone able to offer me some advice (or examples) on how to do the following:

Using the iMacros Browser v6.11 on Windows XP Pro SP2 (IE7).

Test 1:

Navigate to the website
Click on the menu option 'Apply Now'

Problem - When I do this while recording a macro the page loads in the browser window but iMacros seems to continue to wait stating "Page loading...".

Test 2:

Navigate to the website
Enter text into the 'Account No.' and 'Password' textboxes and click Login

Problem - When I try this iMacros doesn't seem to see the text being entered into the textboxes only the mouse click on the Login button.

I know these may be fairly elementary questions but I'm stuck and would appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance.
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Post by mknoll1 » Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:57 pm

From looking at the site for just a minute it appears that the login screen is a flash widget. Because Imacros is HTML based scripting there is nothing for the software to read from an HTML perspective in a flash widget. You will need to use the Winclick or the new Direct 2 Screen feature in order to record this. I use the older version so I use WinClick which worked fine as long as the resolution and screen size remained constant.

A quick little example is here:

Code: Select all

VERSION BUILD=5100314     
TAB T=1     
URL GOTO=     
SIZE X=801 Y=602    
TAB T=1     
WAIT SECONDS=5                 
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