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License and usage

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:28 pm
by tampe125
i have a very little question: if i buy the scripting interface and i make a little program in VB that sends macro code, can i use distribuite it without problems or my users will need to purchase the scripting edition, too?


Re: License and usage

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:03 pm
by mknoll1
THere are 2 licenses. The scripting edition you use to create macros and the player license for when you distribute Imacros. Your users just need a player license. some versions of the scripting edition include X or unlimited player licenses.

Re: License and usage

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:43 pm
by Tech Support
mknoll1 is correct, here are a few more details:

You need an iMacros Scripting Edition license only for each development machine. For all machines where you "only" need to use/replay the created macros and scripts a Player license is sufficient.

The player license allows you to ship macros, scripts and programs based on iMacros along with a copy of iMacros itself to your users for a very low cost. Technically speaking this means that if iMacros is unlocked with the player license key your users have all the features of the SCRIPTING EDITION available except the ability to record new macros.

For more information about the iMacros Player and a screenshot please see

Player licenses are available as 5-user (US$ 99), 50-user (US$ 199) or Unlimited User (US$ 399) license packages.
The Unlimited User Player license package allows an *unlimited* number of users and installations of the iMacros Player. This includes the public distribution of your solution without royalty payment.

If you plan to distribute your solution I highly recommend our iMacros Enterprise bundles. They consist of one or more iMacros Scripting Edition licenses and the popular Unlimited User Player license.

Based on your description I assume that you are a single developer and want to distribute the solution to an unlimited number of users => The iMacros Enterprise Bundle 1 (US$699) is the most cost-effective solution for you.

Re: License and usage

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:36 am
by tampe125
thanks a lot for your help! when my application will be ready i'll buy the bundle asap