Problem:iMacros failed to open macros in any external editor

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Problem:iMacros failed to open macros in any external editor

Post by malysh82 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:07 pm

Hello everybody!
I have a problem with iMacros: it doesn't open macros for edit in any external editor. Notepad gives message: "Syntax error in file name, folder name or device name" (translate, I have Russian windows). Notepad ++ just say nothing. Internal iMacros editor works fine.

By the way, custom style for Notepad ++ doesn't work for me. I've paste in in userDefineLang.xml, but when I chose it in Language menu nothing happens.

Please help!
Thank you

Kindest regards.
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Problem in sending Cyrillic path-name to external editor

Post by abxy01 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:59 am

Good day!

I use iMacros plugin for Firefox and have the same problem as Vadim. When I use cyrillic file/path names, I can't open macros in external editor by iMacros interface. This is not a problem of external editor, because it works well when I use its own file-open interface.

1. iMacros 8.5.1, iMacros 8.5.3 beta
2. Windows 7 Professional
3. Firefox 24

Thank You very match for help!

Sergey K.
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