Click a link that is always changing.

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Click a link that is always changing.

Post by azzkikr » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:54 pm


We have a web based tool we add users to. I've used imacro's to help automate this and it's great! Although I have run into a snag. here is how the macro works:

It asks for simple information like username, full name etc in pop up boxes and fills in the information for you. Now, once the user is added they appear in a list of users with an 'Edit' button next to them. We then need to manually locate the user in the list, click edit, and update their password.

I am wondering if after the user is created it's possible to have the macro locate the user name, and click edit. The username is already declared as a variable previously. is it possible to have the macro move to the username, move to the left, and select edit?

The user list is always changing, and so is the url of the edit button.

Hope this makes sense!
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Re: Click a link that is always changing.

Post by mknoll1 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:51 pm

You can do this pretty simply. You just need to use the Relative positioning feature. You will record a click on the user's name that will look something like this:


Then after that click on the edit link with this command:


THese are just made up so you will have to record them for your site but if you click the name and then use POS=R1 to click edit then you will get the next instance of edit after the username. You can use POS=R-1 as well if you need to click an edit link that is before the username.
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