[SUGGESTIONS] For Improvements

Support for iMacros. The iMacros software is the unique solution for automating every activity inside a web browser, for data extraction and web testing.
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[SUGGESTIONS] For Improvements

Post by coolcocky » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:01 pm


Thanks for making this wonderful software. I am an avid user for this software for a long time. The below are some of the suggestions for improvements to the software which I think would enhance the quality of this software even more.

1. If Then Else

I know imacros supports all major Object Oriented languages and I can implement this using any of them. But, many of us using imacros either don't know coding or hate it. The reasons I would still request you to look to implement this suggestion is given below
  • Many of Imacros users dont know coding / scripting.
    Even for basic tasks like checking whether captcha filled correctly they have to do coding.
    It becomes impossible for these users to repeat a part of macro if something goes wrong.
    It helps in error rectification at the macro level itself.
2. Prompt with Image

Again this can be implemented with many coding languages. But since u already have a prompt command, if its possible to implement images with it (for captcha filling) where the image comes on the top and input text box at the bottom the imacros can truly become minimised or in system tray. This really helps people who dont know coding.

3. Random selection in TAG TYPE=SELECT

Another suggestion is to implement random selection in any selection drop down menu, it would be great if random selection in a range can be implemented say select any item between 2-7

4. Compiled exe

Compiled exe is one of my most important suggestion. If we are able to compile into exe its easy to distribute and outsource stuff which is not possible otherwise as we will be sending out our whole macro which anybody can then copy and use. With exe for any future changes it becomes imperative to have source code.

5. Inbuilt coding

I know imacros concentrate more on being the best software to do web automation and leave the scripting part to the users. But, if some useful functions can be implemented in imacros it will greatly enhance the utility of imacros as the overall web automation tool. My ideas of some functions are
  • Random Number Generator
    Read Random Line from File/csv
I leave it to you users to suggest more functions.


Please have a look at these suggestions as they will go in a long way to increase the usability of this software. Also, users if you have any other suggestions to make please feel free to suggest it here. Also, if out of my suggestions there are some which u also like please let us all know.

PS: There is a software which is cheaper than imacros and gaining in popularity, and is utilising some of the above shortcomings of imacros as a selling point. I am not saying its inherently better than imacros as it has a somewhat different niche and is not as good as imacros in multithreading and ajax handling etc. The point here is we should work collectively to keep imacros the best software for web automation.

You can read more about the comparison here http://www.ubotblog.com/ubot-studio-faqs/#comparing
Marcia, Tech Support

Re: [SUGGESTIONS] For Improvements

Post by Marcia, Tech Support » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:44 pm


Thank you for the extensive list of suggestions. Our developers are going to keep an eye on them.

We appreciate the feedback from our users.
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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] For Improvements

Post by usayanke » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:14 am


Hey folks, what about specified parameters

1) Open new tab and activate it

Code: Select all


2) Open tab and get id of last opened tab - that really will be cool, because i write app that run some threads, and i do not know what is next tab id is

Code: Select all


Do it please.

Thanks for Great Project!
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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] For Improvements

Post by coolcocky » Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:50 pm


thanks for considering my earlier suggestions, there are couple of more suggestions which i think will further improve this fantastic product.

Continue Option during Replay

Currently if the website dosent respond within the timeout given, the macro stops and the user cannot do anything about it and has to run it from the start. It would be great if in case of website load error there is another option to retry from the same place or step. This will greatly reduce the number of errors which a user cannot handle on its own. Or another option is to ask the user to wait for another XX seconds for the website to load.

Prompt choosing an option in case of combo boxes

Currently the option to be chosen for a combo box or drop down list has to be specified in the macro itself or sent through a variable. If there is a prompt option where the dropdown list or combo box is recreated and user is prompted with a drop down list and the user can choose from the same during play then it will increase another way in which a list box is handled and instead of using some complicated programming the user can simply choose the list items during macro play itself.

Thanks again for this wonderful program

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