iMacros for Chrome 10.1 released

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Tom, Tech Support
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iMacros for Chrome 10.1 released

Post by Tom, Tech Support » Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:28 pm

Hello everyone,

iMacros for Chrome 10.1 is a (much overdue) maintenance release that started landing on browsers on September 4th. Here's the change log, which includes several items that were originally reported here in the forums.

Version 10.1.0, 2020-09-04
Consistency enhancements (behavior changed to match iMacros browser):
  • Macro variables are initialized to an empty string
  • Specifying duplicate attribute values in the ATTR parameter of the TAG command results in an error
  • !EXTRACT is cleared on each iteration when looping
  • Extraction popup is not displayed by default when looping
  • CMDLINE command no longer supported (use SET for assigning values to macro variables)
  • SET !EXTRACT_TEST_POPUP YES is no longer ignored when using the API (iimPlay)
  • Sidebar is opened by default when launching with the API (iimOpen). Use -simpleui to suppress sidebar.*
* Requires related updates to File Access module for iMacros Extensions as well as Enterprise scripting interface (API)

Tom, iMacros Support
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