iMacros 7 Beta 2 released

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iMacros 7 Beta 2 released

Post by Tech Support » Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:35 pm

:arrow: Technology Guarantee: If you purchase iMacros now, your upgrade to iMacros V7 is free!

iMacros Version 7 Beta is available via the iMacros V7 Upgrade Wiki . As an iMacros customer you can use your current iMacros Version 6 license key with iMacros V7 Beta.

:!: This version is a feature complete beta version. In our tests, all core functions run stable. We expect to release the production version in early July. The exact release date depends on your feedback!

:arrow: Feedback or questions about the new Beta are very welcome! Please contact support AT or use this form.

Based on more than eight years of customer feedback, iMacros V7 is a major upgrade with many new features:
  • New User Interface, side bar and toolbar
  • Super-easy Flash automation and Flash web testing with new computer vision based image search algorithm (also supports Java, Silverlight, Flex and all other technologies.)
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Full Win 7 Support
  • Full IE8 Support including Protected Mode
  • Image Recognition Wizard: New Scan command for finding best parameters automatically
  • New SEARCH command to search in page source code (including comments and javascripts)
  • Improved command compatibility between iMacros for Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • No more 30 column CSV limit + automatic column detection
  • Hide GUI toolbar / sidebar with iimDisplay ("#HIDEGUI#") or iimInit (-hidegui), show it with iimDisplay ("#SHOWGUI#")
  • XPath support (useful for hardcore web developers that prefer to manually write their automation scripts)
  • Support for ONDOWNLOAD ... CHECKSUM to verify downloads (useful for web testing and website monitoring)
  • Support for !CLIPBOARD
  • "..." support (quotation marks can be used instead of <SP>).
  • TEST NOW: V6.90 and V7 can be installed and used parallel (Installing V7 does not remove or change V6)
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