iMacros Scripting Edition V7.20 released

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Tom, Tech Support
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iMacros Scripting Edition V7.20 released

Post by Tom, Tech Support » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:22 pm

iMacros Editor
This release includes the new iMacros Editor with iMacros syntax highlighting, line numbers, and several other features for editing macros. The iMacros Editor is now the default editor launched when you select a macro to be edited from the iMacros sidebar.
iMacros Editor.png
Revised Scripting Interface
This release also includes the much anticipated revamped scripting interface, which overcomes a bug introduced in Firefox 3.6.x.

We have rewritten our Firefox driver to work around the Firefox bug and at the same time improved speed and reliability. Improved reliability means in this case that iMacros handles Firefox quirks better. :)

The result is that iMacros can now fully automate all Firefox versions, including the latest Firefox 4 Beta.

See the following forum post for additional information: How to automate Firefox with iimInit ("-fx")

:arrow: Click here to download iMacros V7.20

The detailed list of changes is available at

Registered users can simply enter their license key into the software and convert the trial version to the regular, full version.

Tom, iMacros Support
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