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iMacros Scripting Edition V7.40 released

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:29 pm
by Tech Support
This release includes improvements to the iMacros Editor and the Image Recognition Wizard. Together, these improvements make creating and tweaking macros a faster, more fun and painless process.

You can download the BETA version from - we expect the final version to be available in 1-2 weeks.

In a nutshell, the two main new features are:

* Macro tweaking made easy: New play macro, play current line and play selection features in the iMacros Editor. Select any macro line and right-click to see the new options.

* Zoom and usability tweaks in the Image Recognition Wizard. Automating AJAX and Flash was never easier:
iMacros image recognition wizard for automating AJAX and Flash


Did you know? Within one year of your purchase all upgrades are free and you can simply download the latest version from (beta versions) or (production versions) and unlock it with your current license key.

Please note that iMacros doesn’t ever "expire". It will continue to function should you choose not to extend your coverage. Without upgrade protection you will simply be unable to take advantage of any new updates or upgrades that we release.

If your license key no longer works with the latest version (currently iMacros V7.40 Beta) you have two options:

(1) Download a previous iMacros version from our archive

(2) Extend your Upgrade Protection coverage for a low price (recommended)

You can do both in our new customer resource area at

After you log in to the customer area you will see an "Archive" link to download older versions and the "Extend your Cover" link to extend your Upgrade Protection Cover.