iMacros Scripting Edition V7.50 released

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iMacros Scripting Edition V7.50 released

Post by Tech Support » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:59 am

Just released:iMacros 7.5 delivers more exciting developments from the iMacros team!

This release includes:
- Tab support for Internet Explorer 9 and later
- New EVAL command
- Command templates and code generation built into the iMacros Editor
- New scripting interface command names
- and some additional minor improvements and bug fixes

:arrow: Click here to download

Tab support for Internet Explorer 9

With this release, iMacros for IE joins the ranks of iMacros for Firefox and the iMacros Browser in being able to handle web pages that open in new tabs within the browser. In other words, the commands TAB OPEN and TAB T=n are now supported (please make sure to allow pop-ups for replay).

Here is a macro that shows the new feature in Internet Explorer:

Code: Select all

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Open<SP>one<SP>new<SP>browser<SP>window
'New tab opened
ie tab support.png
Automate tab handling in IE9 and later
New EVAL Command

Now you can harness the power of Javascript directly in your macro wherever a variable is accepted! This command allows you to evaluate Javascript statements and expressions, and trigger macro errors if certain conditions are met. It can also be used to parse and manipulate extracted content, all without having to rely on script code that is external to the macro itself!

Example uses:

Detect if a date is older than a certain number of days.
Determine if an exchange rate is above or below a certain value.
Massage extracted data. For example, if the extracted text is "US$33.33" you might remove the "US$" part before saving it via SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT.
Generate a random number.

iMacros expands EVAL the same way it expands variables. For instance:

Code: Select all

PROMPT EVAL("var randomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*10 + 1); randomNumber;")

Code: Select all

SET !VAR1 EVAL("var randomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*10 + 1); randomNumber;")
For more information on EVAL including usage tips and additional examples, visit the Wiki page:

Unlimited User-defined Macro Variables

In the past you were limited to just three user variables in iMacros: !VAR1, !VAR2, and !VAR3. Now you have access to 10 pre-defined user variables: !VAR0 through !VAR9, in addition to being able to define any number of your own macro variables!

You define a user variable using the SET command:

SET random EVAL("var randomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*10 + 1); randomNumber;")

and use it anywhere a variable is accepted, as in:

WAIT SECONDS={{random}}

iMacros Editor Command Templates and Code Generation

Now you can insert pre-defined command and variable templates directly into your macro using the Insert menu.

You also have the convenience of the iMacros Code Creator built right into the Editor for converting macro statements into dynamically created macro strings in either VBScript, C#, or Javascript code. Just right-click in the editor window and select the Code Generation item on the the pop-up menu. Also great for use with the iMacros Component.
Convert iMacros macros to C#, VBS and VB.NET code. Use with iimPlayCode or the new iMacros Component.
codegenerator.png (28.99 KiB) Viewed 143155 times
New Scripting Interface Command Names

The Scripting Interface now has a few new methods. Some of them add new features, while some cover the functionality of existing methods, but with improved comfort. We continue to support all old API functions, so this upgrade does not break any existing applications or scripts that use iMacros.

For a complete summary of the changes, see the following Wiki page:

:arrow: Click here to download iMacros V7.5!
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