iMacros Enterprise Edition Version 8 available

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iMacros Enterprise Edition Version 8 available

Post by Tech Support » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:46 am

Introducing iMacros V8.0 Enterprise Edition. Now even more secure, more accurate and with enhanced usability. Still the same easy to use, feature rich solution you’ve come to rely on from iMacros!

With this release of iMacros v8.0 you also now receive a free license of iMacros Enterprise Player for you to use at your company.

NEW Features in iMacros v8.0 Enterprise Edition include:

More secure - Protect your proprietary macro code with new macro obfuscation.

More accurate - Improved Performance Profiler

Enhanced usability
- New, visual table extraction wizard, improved output formatting
- New, improved text extraction wizard
- Full support for automating Google Chrome

In addition, to better meet the needs and expectations of our customers we
have renamed the iMacros editions and made some licensing changes.

New names and pricing

With version 8 we adapted our names, pricing and license structure to better suit the needs of our growing numbers of enterprise customers. All existing users can renew their upgrade protection, for up to two years, at the old pricing (see details below).

Old: iMacros Scripting Edition => New: iMacros Enterprise Edition ($ 995.00 USD) - includes a free iMacros Enterprise Player license for use within your company!

Old: iMacros PRO Edition => New: iMacros Standard Edition ($ 495.00 USD)

Old: iMacros Power Surfer Edition => Need to automate rich media like Flash? Then move to iMacros Standard Edition, otherwise the iMacros for Internet Explorer Freeware is right for you.

Old: iMacros 5/50 User Player Edition: Discontinued, no longer required. The Enterprise Player Edition includes free unlimited player licenses for use inside your company.

Old: iMacros Unlimited Player Edition => New: iMacros Player OEM Edition ($ 2995.00 USD). Allows unlimited, royalty free distribution to anyone (outside your company, web downloads, etc.)

Unchanged: iMacros Component ($ 2995.00 USD) - No changes to our latest iMacros product. You have the choice to use the embedded component or the stand-alone iMacros software and browser APIs. Note: Allows unlimited, royalty free distribution to anyone (outside your company, web downloads, etc.).

Protecting your existing investment

As you know, the upgrade protection price is 25% of the license cost for renewal. As an existing customer you can renew at the former V7 price until July 31, 2012. You can purchase renewal for up to two years. To renew, simply log into the customer center at

Of course, if your current upgrade protection for V7 has not yet expired, then you can still upgrade to the corresponding V8 edition for free! Your existing license key will simply work with V8.

If you have any questions please email for more information.

Need more licenses?

Add more licenses at the former V7 pricing until July 31st, 2012! You will find the ability to do this in the customer center at

Again, if you have any questions please email for more information.
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