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iMacros for Firefox V8 BETA released

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:18 pm
by Tech Support
EVENT is a new experimental command to automate web controls that the classic TAG command can not automate:

- Drag & Drop
- Sliders
- Tricky date controls (date pickers)
- Ajax drop&down boxes

To test the EVENT recording, please use iMacros for Firefox: Open the iMacros add-on, go to the REC(ord) tab, click the "Record Options" button and select Experimental EVENT recording mode.

- Fixed: Firefox 18 compatibility issues

:arrow: Click here to download

:arrow: More information on the new EVENT command.

Please report any issue or suggestion here in the user forum. We are especially interested to hear about websites that you can not automate successfully despite using the new EVENT(s) command.