iMacros 9 released - Full IE10 compatibility

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iMacros 9 released - Full IE10 compatibility

Post by Tech Support » Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:48 pm

iMacros 9 has full IE10 compatibility and a new external sidebar to automate Internet Explorer.

:arrow: iMacros 9 download:

What's new:

* Full Internet Explorer 10 compatibility!
* New: iMacros.Sidebar.exe to control IE (8, 9 and 10): iMacros for IE as a separate application. The iMacros plugin is still available for IE8 and IE9
* New: iMacros.Sidebar.exe accepts all command line options as iMacros.exe (including tray, silent and kioskmode!), plus –iePrivate to start IE InPrivate Browsing mode. Use –ie_ext to call iMacros.Sidebar with the scripting interface.
* New: Support for Image Recognition in Chrome and Firefox (more details on this soon)
* Added: Play to context menu in macros list

:arrow: Important: You must upgrade to iMacros 9 before upgrading to IE10. Only iMacros 9 is Internet Explorer 10 compatible.
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