*** Please read this before reporting problems ***

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*** Please read this before reporting problems ***

Post by Tech Support » Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:22 pm

Post last updated: May 25, 2020.

If you open a new topic (or post for the first time in some existing topic) to report an issue or ask any question, we can respond much faster if your problem description includes the following information (if applicable, not all questions fit to all problems):

1. What version of iMacros are you using?
You find the iMacros version and build information at the top of every macro that you record, for example "VERSION BUILD=10100795". Also specify whether you are using a freeware, trial, or licensed version, e.g. Personal Edition. Please test with the latest version.

2. What operating system are you using? (please also specify language)
Example: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012R2, English, German, Chinese, ...

3. Which browser(s) are you using? (include version numbers)
Example: Chrome 74.0.3729.13, Firefox 64.0.2, IE 11/10/9, ...

4. Do the included demo macros work ok?
This test helps us to determine if the problem is a general iMacros issue or is somehow related to a specific website or configuration.

5. If reporting a problem with the iMacros scripting interface, please also test if the included VBS sample scripts run ok.
This test helps us to determine if the iMacros scripting interface installation is ok.

6. If recording or replay fails on a specific website: Can you please post the URL of the web page and/or the macro that creates the problem?
If you cannot post the macro in a public user forum or the website requires a login, can you provide a similar example of the problem on a publicly accessible website?

7. Do you encounter the same problem recording or replaying the macro in different browsers, such as the iMacros browser, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer?
Note: If the problem is specific to Firefox or Chrome, please post in either the iMacros for Firefox or iMacros for Chrome sub-forum respectively.

8. Please include any additional information that is relevant to reproducing the issue.
This includes a detailed description of the steps you've tried as well as the specific error codes and messages, macro logs, screen shots, etc. Please upload screenshots and other relevant files directly to the forum and not to a third-party hosting service!

This information allows us to quickly re-create the issue on our test systems and solve it ASAP.

Additional tips when posting

* Please ensure that the content of your post is relevant to the topic and/or forum where you post it.
For example, if you are having a problem extracting data from a web page and are using Firefox, create your post in the Data Extraction and Web Screen Scraping forum rather than the iMacros for Firefox forum (see note #7 above). If you are unsure which forum to post to, use the General Support & Discussions forum.

* Use a topic title that succinctly describes the problem or issue.
Avoid phrases such as "Please Help", "Urgent", "Script not working", etc. and refrain from using all capital letters and exclamation points. Also, double-check that the spelling of the title and body of the post are correct, since this makes it more likely to be found in searches by other users. Most modern browsers automatically check spelling as you type and underline mistakes, so please correct them before submitting your post.

* Don't post the same question to more than one forum.
If you've miscategorized your original post, just click the Exclamation Icon on the right of the post's subject/title line to report it and let us know where you would like it moved or merged.

* Always provide your FCI (Full Config Info), c.f. items 1-3 above, in your original post even if you think it may not be relevant.
Some of our mods may not even respond unless this information is included. Please don't put this information in your signature, because this can change over time and makes it more confusing when reviewing older posts. Include the information directly in the body of the post instead.

* When sharing screenshots or other relevant files, please upload them directly to the forum rather than use a third-party hosting/sharing service.
Too often these services stop functioning or the files become unavailable for whatever reason. Uploading them here ensures that the full context of the post remains consistent over time.

* Take a minute to review your forum notification settings

Thank you for helping us to help you better!