iMacros Scripting Edition V6.30 available

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iMacros Scripting Edition V6.30 available

by Tech Support on Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:19 pm

The latest stable version is iMacros V6.30.

You can download it from

For a list of changes please see

iMacros Version 6.x contains important new features:

  • DirectScreen Technology to automate or test all websites, including sites that use Flash, Flex, Java, ActiveX or Silverlight applets. DirectScreen works directly inside the browser, so you can run multiple iMacros instances at once and/or in the background (performance and load testing). We are proud to say that iMacros automates more web sites than any other software.
  • Image Recognition technology that relies only on the images that are rendered in the browser. It works independently of the underlying technology (Flash, Java,...) and independently of the position of the element on the web page.
  • Remote control of the Firefox web browser via the Scripting Interface. Just use iimInit ("-fx") to remote control Firefox. Only iMacros can automate the popular Firefox browser.
  • True cross-browser automation: Macros run without changes in the iMacros Browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Only iMacros supports in-browser testing in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Full Unicode support in the Scripting Interface and iMacros for Firefox
  • Data EXTRACTion command uses same syntax as TAG command. Web scraping was never easier.
  • New, powerful file uploader
  • Full Microsoft Vista support
  • Native 64-bit Version of the Scripting Interface available
  • New Wiki-style documentation

Registered users can simply enter their license key into the software and convert the trial version to the regular, full version.

A detailed list of changes is available at
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