iMacros Version 7 Customer Beta released

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iMacros Version 7 Customer Beta released

Post by Tech Support » Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:44 am

iMacros Version 7 Beta is available in the customer center now (scroll down to the "Customer Downloads" section)! As an iMacros customer you can use your license key to log into the customer center and download iMacros V7 for free.

This version is an early beta, and some features and commands are still missing. On the other hand, macro recording and replay work fine already, including full Scripting Interface and dialog handler support support.

:idea: You can test and use iMacros V7 side by side with iMacros V6! iMacros V7 installs in a different directory and uses different settings. With the Scripting Interface please use iimInit ("-v7") or iimInit ("-v6"). A plain iimInit ("") will launch whatever version was installed last.

A detailed list of changes is available on the V7 page inside the customer center.

We plan to release the feature-complete public beta in March and the final version in April 2010.

:arrow: Feedback or questions about the new Beta are very welcome! Please contact support AT or use this form.
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iMacros V7 Beta Screenshot
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PS: Version 7 will be a free upgrade for all users with an active upgrade protection. Upgrade protection (Maintenance) ensures that you will always have the latest version of iMacros without any additional cost during the term of your cover. With your initial purchase you receive(d) 1 year of upgrade protection free of charge.
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