iMacros 7 Beta 1 released

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iMacros 7 Beta 1 released

Post by Tech Support » Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:53 pm

:arrow: Technology Guarantee: If you purchase iMacros now, your upgrade to iMacros V7 is free!

iMacros Version 7 Beta is available via the iMacros V7 Upgrade Wiki . As iMacros customer you can use your current iMacros Version 6 license key with iMacros V7 Beta.

Based on more than eight years of customer feedback, iMacros V7 is a major upgrade with many new features:
  • New User Interface, side bar and toolbar
  • Super-easy Flash automation and Flash web testing with new computer vision based image search algorithm (also supports Java, Silverlight, Flex and all other technologies.)
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Full Win 7 Support
  • Full IE8 Support including Protected Mode
  • Image Recognition Wizard: New Scan command for finding best parameters automatically
  • New SEARCH command to search in page source code (including comments and javascripts)
  • Improved command compatibility between iMacros for Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • No more 30 column CSV limit + automatic column detection
  • Hide GUI toolbar / sidebar with iimDisplay ("#HIDEGUI#") or iimInit (-hidegui), show it with iimDisplay ("#SHOWGUI#")
  • XPath support (useful for hardcore web developers that prefer to manually write their automation scripts)
  • Support for ONDOWNLOAD ... CHECKSUM to verify downloads (useful for web testing and website monitoring)
  • Support for !CLIPBOARD
  • "..." support (quotation marks can be used instead of <SP>).
  • TEST NOW: V6.90 and V7 can be installed and used parallel (Installing V7 does not remove or change V6)
:!: This version is a beta version, and a few features and commands are still missing. On the other hand, macro recording and replay works fine, including full Scripting Interface and dialog handler support support. We expect to release the production ready version in early June. The exact release date depends on your feedback:

:arrow: Feedback or questions about the new Beta are very welcome! Please contact support AT or use this form.
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